Frankly Tim, you suck!

silver-apple-logo-apple-pictureI am not a native English speaker. I am not even good in English but I am sure that everyone will understand me this time. I really don’t care anyway!

I was a PC user for many years. Too many! One day one of my little dreams comes true and I became an Apple user.

Except my computer from work I always cracked Bill’s software simply because I really don’t like this guy, his business behavior and some other „small” things about him. And because I never liked PCs.

People around used to ask me why an Apple. I have few answers for them. Simple as a simple user can have:

1. I forgot about ctrl + alt + del

2. I forgot about „end your task now”

3. I forgot about loosing my entire work just few hours before an international presentation.

4. I know that installing / uninstalling a software can be easier and cleaner.

5. I forgot about viruses / bugs and other weird digital creatures that hunt my computer.

These are only few of them.

Let’s say is very closed subject to this one:  if you are asking a man about the reasons that makes him to buy a car and asking a woman about the same things. I gave you only the woman reasons for using an Apple but we can talk anytime you want about the serious reasons. 😉

I felt a natural impulse to buy my operating systems and all the other software Apple launched until now.

I talked about them and my old readers know already that I really have a bad impression about Tim and his gang policy after Mr. Steve Jobs passed away.

I saluted their initiative to give their operating system for free. That thing could be a serious boom for the global market. Of course that I know that Gates is a „steak holder” in Apple since ’97.

Unfortunately I feel that someone have stollen my dream and pissed on it. I should ask Gates why but I’d rather prefer to develop my own operating system instead.

Maverick is the biggest disappointment of the last years. To launch a product which is not ready for launch is like „killin’ me softly”. Despite the fact that I am working in marketing, Maverick is the beginning of the end somehow.

All the good things were erased. Maverick don’t recognize many things that were working perfectly until now. The colors were modified in a bad way too and the aesthetic was sacrificed. Customers don’t matter anymore…THIS IS NOT APPLE ANYMORE!

Tim is stupid as he always been and act as a robot receiving orders and sacrificing everything for money.

„Imagine” was a concept. The boring Tim is a living proof for that.

A world full of stupid robots…. and frankly Tim, you suck it big time together with you team!


3 gânduri despre „Frankly Tim, you suck!

  1. I’ve been happy with my linux and still am; it’s always been free and never let me down. Money spoils many things in life. They say, it doesn.t make your happiness, but it doesn’t stand in it’s way either. Well, sometimes it obviously does.


  2. Linuxul e tatic. Mereu a fost. Ce foloseste apple tot de la asta pleaca. Problema mea e legata de faptul ca pt prima data lanseaza un produs atat de prost, de neterminat. Mi-e ciuda pe ei de mor nu alta. Isi dau cu stangul in draptul cand au mura in gura de la Jobs un model de business care si-a dovedit eficienta. Parca ar fi romani – daca ceva e bun hai sa ruinam.


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