Hey killers, do you hear?

(My English sucks but I’ll give it a try.)

Even I had a lot to work today my brain refuses to move after I’ve seen what happened in Paris.

First thing to do was to call my friends there and to talk to them. I didn’t know how I could help and I felt  useless in a way or another.

I was shocked.

I’ve heard many opinions. I didn’t fight with anyone with a different point of view than mine. We just talked and I guess every one of us tried to understand the meaning of what the heck happen’ there. In fact is nothing to understand.

But still, there are some questions…

If I should point on something – despite the fact that I really think that the XX’s century was the worst in humankind history-  is the spoil of meaning of words.

In fact, what the hell means ‘liberty” or ‘democracy”? Does those words means something?…

I grew up in a very small city, dated back few centuries before Christ was born. In that small city we used to live in peace: Romanians, Turkish, Russians, Tatars, Italians, Gipsies, Germans. The only conflict was an ideological one – we all used to hate the communist system – but we didn’t kill anyone for that.

What I understand during my childhood was that:

1. People have different religious beliefs. None of the beliefs is good or wrong. All of them are different points of view about something non material but spiritual. Every religion try to educate people to be good and kind.

2. When you are kind to people it doesn’t mean that is necessary that they will respond the same. This is a matter of levels of the brain, education, beliefs etc, but this doesn’t mean that you have to become a bad person. It means that you have to understand why people respond in a negative way and you have to continue to be a good person and try to find good solutions. An old Romanian say said that: ‘if you sow the wind, you collect storm”

3. If you want to be free follow the common sense rules.

4. Think before act! It’s free.

Let’s say that those journalists are a bunch of lunatics. If you want to prove that your religion is the best one in the world, how do you think you will convince me about that – by killing them?!!! No way!

I understand that those journalists and other who were killed during the past years satirised something which is sacred for Muslim people. I really understand.

What I don’t understand, for example, is why I have to dress in an inappropriate mode for me when I travel / live in a Muslim country but Muslim people doesn’t have to give up to their dress code in my country or any other country.

So what is freedom and where is democracy in all that?!!!…

No, no, no, I still don’t get it!

So, you people tell me that I have to write and think as long as I don’t say anything which is not accordingly to your beliefs but you have the right to kill people?!!!

Come again???! You have the right to kill?!!!! I don’t remember Allah telling you to kill people and I read Koran.

So, today you claim religion and tomorrow….what? The traffic? Maybe you will be annoyed that I am driving to slow. Will you kill me to stand your way?!!!

Let’s try an imagination game. Let’s say that tomorrow will appear in flash and blood a…GOD (you can name him Gogu, I don’t care about the name). And this God prove to be not my God, not your Allah, not Buddha, not anyone known in the history of religions. What will you do next? Will you kill him?….

Let’s face it: we are in the XXI-st century – anything could happen’.

Kill the new God!

This is what you want your children learn from you?! I surely don’t! So kill me next! Kill me next but STOP killing other people, you Muslim extremist guys but I assure you that the real Muslim people will blame you and will be ashamed with you.

You’ve killed today 12 people and hurt other 11. Do you know them personally? Did they do anything wrong to you personally other than someone told you that they’ve hurt your feelings? Does it means that they deserve to die?!!!! You morons!




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