Savannah – not only a weekend movie

I rarely look on ratings for a movie.

First of all because those ratings are given by people, second of all because most of them are given by the Americans. No offense people, but the Europeans still laugh because our culture is not based on McDonald’s, divorced women melodrama nor invented syndromes of whatever.

So, I watched Savannah movie tonight but I didn’t pay attention to the „american story” of it but on spiritual meanings of it and its metaphors.

As you already know I will not tell you the story because I want you to watch that movie and take as much as you can from it.

I will tel you only my thoughts, which is not much, taking into consideration the small size of my head.

First you will say it is about a free spirit. You will not understand or even accept the idea as long as the society and education you were raised in tells you that the obey is the way. I found myself in that movie. And as you know this is only my perspective and fortunately not a theoretical one.

Second thing to mention is that the only thing that can make a free spirit fly or make it die is love above all.

Maybe my English stinks but I am sure that those who are „targeted” will understand what I mean.

Third thing is that a true friend doesn’t have to have a „pedigree” but to be inline with your thoughts, your energy and your vision.

Fourth, last but not least is that everyone of us wants to let something important for posterity. But our meaning as human beings is always in the memory and eyes of the living ones. So it’s not what we want to show or what we try so hard to prove, but the mark in the soul and minds of the people around.

Savannah is a story that comes from a real thing.

Think bout it and enjoy the movie, because only stupid people can say it’s only a weekend movie!


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