Apple launch – a stupid joke

NOTA: Voi scrie aceasta postare in engleza. Skip daca nu va convine

First of all, I will excuse in front of everybody for my English. It is not my native language thou…

This evening I am watching once again the launch of the new products from Apple with tears in my eyes and in my soul. For me Apple doesn’t represent a bunch of products. But let’s start with the beginning.

Until my first Mac, I used to admire the genius of Steve Jobs and his example to all the people around him – colleagues and customers. I bought the first Mac after I spent my entire life until than hating Windows and its problems, trying to convince people around me to use Linux on PCs with no result. And I bought IT after I threw out of the window of my office a f*** PC after I lost my entire work from the last 6 month and a very important country report for one of the most important client. Yeah, this was while I was still working in advertising…

Since than I used to work only on my Mac, no matter what.

In the first two or three weeks I was convinced that I will throw out of the window my Mac because it was a little bit difficult for me to get used with the new commands but I was aware how much money it cost. :)) After that I loved Apple more than before and admire Steve Jobs more than ever.

You know… I live in a poor country and, typically for a poor country is also the snobbism. This is why all the big companies in the world have their biggest profits in poor countries – because they can package even garbage in a nice and shinny box and sell everything they want. Which is not Apple case. Or it was not until recently…

So, when people around me considered me a snob I felt the need to explain why I have chosen a Mac. And my explanation was very simple:

  1. A stable operating system with very few viruses developed to attack it
  2. Very easy to install and uninstall a software
  3. A „all you need” softwares installed on it from the very beginning
  4. Very…like VERY user friendly computer
  5. Bright and beautiful colours and a great monitor.
  6. Forget about „ctrl+alt+del” and „end you task now and shut down your computer”
  7. A powerful battery
  8. Compatibility with any kind of PC software (and the f*** Windows)
  9. Weight
  10. and some more other things at least as important that those ones above and a great Appstore.

No enough?!!!!

Thou, when Iphone was launched I have had the opportunity to test it before anyone in this market and I said: it’s ok, but I will not use it for business…just yet.

For the tablets I choose an Ipad Air 2. None of those after it didn’t convinced me to buy it also. In my opinion is one of the last good products from Apple.

Today I choose to go back to Ilife ’09…. Not because I miss Steve so much as the intelligence behind the products but because its efficiency. I am, after all, a business woman. Even in a poor country… Even except the first Mac I couldn’t afford to buy a new one and now I am at the third second hand Mac.

BUT!… As I have said before, frankly Tim, you suck! 

Back to positive things!

I have had the honour to virtually meet and talk with one of the most important Romanians at Apple, mr. Gabriel Marcu and his passion and his stories restored me somehow the trust in Apple.

Tonight thou I have to admit that I felt the need to throw out when I heard Tim said how much he admired Steve Jobs. Don’t you let be fooled by the his affirmation about how much he admired Mr. Steve Jobs. He admires only the profits and his position in the company. Heavy users knows better what I talking about!…

The second thing I couldn’t digest was the absence of Mr. Gabriel Marcu on the stage talking about colour sync and colours on any Apple device as the most competent voice of Apple on this matter. And this is not a matter of subjectivity related to nation but a professional reality and I assure you that I really know what I am talking about.

All in the presentation tonight was sooo wrong in so many ways that I was wondering if Mr. Steve Jobs doesn’t regret the great heritage he left you to piss on it.

..And my heart is crying out loud…

C’mon guys! You, so very few remained in the company after Steve passed away, I cannot believe that you just let happen’ what is happening now! And if you continue to do so, I am sorry but I will not stand with you! You make me be ashamed of myself! Marketing doesn’t mean to lie and to be hypocrites, you idiots! Marketing is about to be really different from the others, to stay truth and to defend what is valuable! THIS IS MARKETING! THIS IS APPLE! Not what is happening during the last years!

And do not forget that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! A memorable one!

And for my readers – the official lousy presentation from Apple tonight:

At the end, a request: please, don’t let Steve die! Please don’t kill Steve memory and legacy!






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